Other Advantages:

  • Access to payroll & quarterly reports for taxes
  • One usemame & password to access all lnfonnatlon
  • More cost efficient than calculatlng yourself
  • Offer clients more services such as workers' compensation, direct deposit, time & attendance, HR support center, etc.
  • Discount Chamber Programs

Payroll Solutions

As a CPA you may already be providing payroll services to your clients. Consider providing services to your client’s through ETimePay. You will still generate revenue while maintaining control over the payroll functions for your clients. We provide you with a powerful, flexible and convenient way to handle clients that want you to manage their payroll.

It is simple. You input your client's payroll into CheckConnect PC or Online and allow us to produce the checks, reports, quarterly and year-end returns, and W-2s. We handle all tax and agency notices for clients through our Full Tax Service. We are available to support you, and can offer more services and products to your clients like: Direct Deposit, check signing, and workers’ compensation pay-as-you-go program through a third-party provider, HR services, as well as time and attendance solutions.

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